Maelor Voluntary Service Trustees

Maelor Voluntary Service is run in line with guidelines from the Charity Commission. The charity is under the auspices of the board of Trustees. Like the vast majority involved in the charity the trustees are volunteers. The trustees come from all walks of life and span quite a large age range. The trustees are responsible for the charity fulfilling the requirements of the charity commission and the requirements of running any small business.

The trustees meet bi-monthly to discuss the issues of the life of MVS as well as receiving a full financial report and a manager’s report. Minutes for these meeting are available in the main office of the charity.

Trustees are elected for a minimum of three years. Some trustees may be co-opted for a time if they join the board between Annual General Meetings. Once on the board of trustees individuals are assigned to the various committees according to the area of expertise from their personal and professional life. These committees include first and foremost the Gifting Committee. This committee has the job of receiving bids from areas of the hospital seeking financial assistance. The constitution of MVS limits funds to the purchase of medical equipment for the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Such equipment cannot be diverted for use in other hospitals. The bids are subject to a liaison with staff from BCHB.

There are several other committees including staffing, publicity, risk and finance. All meet individually to ensure the charity runs effectively.

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