MVS Cafés

There are 5 MVS cafés within Maelor Wrexham Hospital.

The cafés serve hot and cold drinks, snacks such as scones, teacakes,toast, fresh fruit,cakes.

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Main Entrance Café

The Main Entrance, Gate 1 to the hospital has an extremely busy Café for the energetic volunteer who likes to be busy.

Main Entrance Cafe

Shooting Star Café

Shooting Star Café (within Shooting Star Cancer Unit). Can be found to the right of Riverside Restaurant (walking from Gate 3)

Shooting Star Cafe

Orthapedic Café

The service given by Orthapedic Café is important to the patient and a satisfying one for the individual volunteer.  

This service can be most enjoyable for the volunteer who has patience and a winning smile and can spend time to stop and exchange a friendly word with a patient. 

Orthapedic Café

Entrance 3 Café

Entrance, (Gate 3) has a café, small, cosy and full of sunshine.

Entrance 3 Café

Entrance 7 Café

Entrance, (Gate 7) also has a small M.V.S. Café serving staff, patients and outpatients in the Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre.

Entrance 7 Café