About us

The Maelor Voluntary Service is 25 years old, with dedicated volunteers and staff providing a service for those who visit the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Each and every customer who uses one of the charity’s five cafes is secure in the knowledge that any profit from the transaction goes straight back to help the patients and staff. This year (2019) the MVS has donated £215,000 to enable the hospital to buy medical equipment far out of its budget.

The charity is nothing without over 130 men and women who are members of the MVS. These volunteers choose to do at least one shift per month of 3 hours serving food and drink to the public. Happily, many do one or more shifts per week as they enjoy the work and camaraderie so much. The youngest volunteer is working on her Duke of Edinburgh Award and the oldest swears she is 21 again! Some young people with learning difficulties are also members and through their work with MVS they realise their worth and often make lifelong friends

Many customers value the warm welcome and edible treats on offer in the cafes at visiting times. Patients often view a visit to the nearest MVS café as a visible sign of recovery and a place of celebration. Other customers come to have a time and space to come to terms with medical news before facing the world. Our happiest times are often listening to new fathers as they describe their joy. They also usually celebrate with tea and toast whilst waiting for Nain to arrive to take over looking after mum!

MVS has come a long way in a short time.

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